A primarily Frontend developer with a focus on modern javascript frameworks


2015 Web Development Certificate
Lighthouse Labs
2008 - 2012B.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Virginia

About me

I try to keep a balance. After spending ~7 hours in front of a computer screen, I typically hit the climbing gym or head to a yoga class. On the weekends, I like to challenge myself with some outdoor climbing, mountaineering, or sometimes just some good PNW microbrews. Pushing my limits has led me to my tech career path. I enjoy leveraging my engineering training in its purest form of solving problems using new technologies on a daily basis. I’m also decent at foosball.

Top of Mt. Shuksanleading the 10c on the feathers in vantage
Mt. Itzacuahtla, Mexicoroad bike at horseshoe bayGambier Island

Languages & Frameworks

Currently I'm a solid Javascript developer with the Ember framework, with interests in Angular and React.

Despite working mainly in the front end, I touch our backend Scala/Java + MySql stack on a daily basis as well.

Previously I've taken a course based in Ruby on Rails, completed project with Node.js and have work experience with deploying IOS and Android Applications with Angular Ionic.

This summary of technologies is by no means all-inclusive (for example, I've written programs in C and have a working knowledge of Vim), however in an age with so many languages, deployment tools, and frameworks, I feel there is added value in a meaningful overview rather than a exhaustive list.


First Prize at Expedia LocalExpert Seattle Hackathon Geekwire Article

Best Bike safety application at the AT&T Mobile Application and Bicycle Safety Hackathon

bike safety hackathon winners


Software Engineer 1

Expedia LocalExpert
Seattle, Washington

Mar 2016 - current

  • Rapidly filled the role of Senior Frontend Developer for the team responsible for supplier onboarding in the activities line of business. We use Ember and a propreitary ui-toolkit to produce an input heavy application that allows small and large companies to manage their activity listing on Expedia's website.

Web Development Engineer

Seattle, Washington

Nov 2015 - Mar 2016

  • Vanilla javascript, React js, and Java Spring developer for a web security start up. Tasks include building and maintaining an Admin portal with role based authentication, displaying user and application metrics, and creating an interactive overlay over server side rendered web pages.

Mobile Web Development Engineer

Seattle, Washington

Sep 2015 - Jan 2016

  • Web developer for an environmentally friendly small to large item recycling startup located in Seattle. Technical stack includes a Ruby on Rails backend API with AngularJs on the frontend. While there I used Angular Ionic to build out and deploy the Android and IOS mobile applications to compliment the website.


StartUp Hall
Seattle, Washington

Jul 2015 - Dec 2015

  • General support of a coworking/startup incubator space in Seattle's University District. Typical duties include greeting members and visitors, connecting and introducing member companies to applicants and new residents, and providing tours of the space for budding startups and community partners.

Web Development Course

Lighthouse Labs
Vancouver, British Columbia

Apr 2015 - Jun 2015

  • A nine week eat, sleep, and breathe programming course in Vancouver, B.C. Emphasis is on Ruby and JavaScript and corresponding frameworks, but the real emphasis is on the ability to "learn to learn" and best practices.

Project Engineer

Engineering Consulting Services
Charlottesville, Virginia

Oct 2013 - Feb 2015

  • Consulted for owners and contractors to interpret engineering standards and provide engineered solutions for unforeseen circumstances for clients.
  • Daily tasks included writing proposals, marketing, and managing as many as 20 projects at any given time.
  • Reviewed and completed technician field reports to verify specifications were met and procedures were followed

General Manager

Michaels Bistro and Tap House
Charlottesville, Virginia

Aug 2011 - Oct 2013

  • Managed day-to-day operations of a profitable restaurant and craft beer bar
  • Handled ordering, hiring, payroll, and scheduling for over 20 employees

Pool Manager & Red Cross Certified Swim Lesson Instructor

Reston Association
Reston, Virginia

Jul 2003 - Oct 2008

  • Conducted Red Cross refresher training, scheduling, and operations of a world class swimming pool.
  • Held Red Cross Professional CPR/AED, first aid, water safety instructor, and Fairfax County Pool Operators License.

Some older projects

Mana-Match Quest
A real time turn based competitive puzzle game written using Melonjs, Nodejs and the koajs framework.

Sign in with google and choose a team. As soon as a match is found, the game will begin. Slide (not swap) crystal rows to make matches. Matches are translated into attack mana and at the end of your turn your champions will attack the opposing player down to his or her last man. Keep in mind, depending on the crystal type of the match, your champion with the strongest attack of that type will do the attacking.
  • mana-match front
  • mana-match play
  • mana-match team
Need a break from work? Sign in, choose or create an office and hit play foos! The you will be matched with a likeminded coworker and recieve an email or text message notifying you of your match.

A single page app written in the Sinatra framework and implements Ajax polling, Twilio API text messaging, automated email notifications, JQuery, and Bootstrap
OfficeFoos | Github
  • office foos front
  • office foos offices
Rotten Mangoes
A RESTful movie review website written in rails, with user authentication, admin dashboard, and twitter bootstrap.
Go ahead, submit and review a movie you enjoyed (or didn't!).
Rotten Mangoes | Github
  • rotten mangoes index
  • rotten mangoes review

On Github

Contract work

API Integrations

Connecting Cratejoy's Beta RESTful API to a VeraCore Promail SOAP API. The JSON to XML interface included storing ordering information on a 3rd party server to process shipments, update tracking, and implement a product distribution system to decrease loss of perishable product.

Notify (backend) | a(href='https://github.com/goofiw/notif') Notif (app)
A front desk checkin and office notification system Android application written with Angular and Ionic with accompanying contact registration backend application written in Node.
Sears Local Delivery API and Angular Store Mock Up
An API built for the Sears Seattle Hackathon using Apigee-127 that implements Sears and Postemates APIs to easily search for Sears products available for immediate in-store pick up. Using store data, a delivery quote from Postemates is aquired, which allows for order submission and real time delivery updates, including a real time location of the courier, from postmates. Note: Due to recent updates in the Postmates API, the demo of this project is offlilne.
Web Crawler
A web crawler written in NodeJs to recursively search for and list all images on a website. http://substack.net/images/ used to test.
Web Scraper
A web scraper written in Ruby that logs comments from blogging sites when given different website-specific keys.
Rainy Days
Using the Weather Underground API, this simple app takes searches for a nearby weather station, and given a date will tell the user if it rained and how much.